For more than 25 years, MÉCANUMÉRIC is composed of technicians and trainers experts on the different cutting and transformation technologies, on the most efficient machining and cutting strategies, on how to obtain the best performance of your machines ...

With a modern and spacious training center located in Marssac-sur-Tarn (only 45 minutes from Toulouse), the company provides numerous training sessions on multiple generic or very specialized topics, whether you are a MECANUMERIC machine owner or no.

Our premises are equipped with a training room equipped with computers, whiteboards and screens. During the training sessions you will also have access to our showroom with numerous milling machines, water jet cutting equipment ... dedicated to training, a stock of tools and materials.


Why should you ask us for training ? 

  • To keep improving use of your Mecanumeric CNC machine. 

  • To keep your staff up to date with the latest technics and practices. 

  • To increase your productivity of your park of CNC machines.
  • To reduce un-necessary costs. 
  • To use most of your software capabilities and tricks. 
  • To train new employees without delay.  

At Mecanumeric , we want our experts to have fulfilling careers driven by curiosity and commitment. Above all, it’s the meaningful work experience that attracts good people to Mecanumeric at every stage of their career. Consequently, we offer an extensive list of training sessions, and our internal Lab fitted with our machines for practical use, to cover various topics such as :